Your home’s value depends on the market and how much someone is willing to pay. And this cost can be a confusing battle to figure out. The trained professionals and online tool can guide you in the right direction when it comes time to buy or sell your home. With the right kind of help from a realtor in Martin County and these savvy tips and tools, you can find your home’s value in no time.

Pricing Calculator

The Federal Housing Financing Agency’s house price index (HPI) calculator will offer you a brief, cut-to-the-chase estimate with scientific baking. This tool use a ‘repeat sales method’, tracking from one sale to the next. It also looks at home mortgage loans and can be a helpful in finding out your home’s appreciation value over time.

Online Estimator

Nowadays, you don’t have to go to the public buildings or library to access public records. Your home’s history can be found right online. From tax assessments to deeds and property transfers, these estimates are based on listing prices and recent sales in your area.

22% of U.S. homeowners who determined their home’s value used an online estimator, according to one survey. Perform an internet search for the phrase, ‘how much is my home worth?’ and a slew of automated valuation model, or AMV, will pop up. Lender sites usually offer them and your local realtor in Martin County may have one on their website.

Get an Appraisal

Another way you can get an estimate on your homes value is to have it appraised and is a great starting point in the right direction. And it’s not just the home they are looking at but the market and other properties in your area. They can evaluate your home’s value based on the surroundings of your home such as your property, land, and characteristics of your home. Vacancies, cost, sales, listings, and other factors are figured into determining the value.

The Use of a Professional Realtor

Remember, these AMV tools and calculator give you a confidence score of 90%, meaning it’s a close estimate to what it’s really worth. The only way you’ll confidently know for sure is if you work with a realtor. Tell your local realtor in Martin County about your findings and calculations about finding your true value. There’s no better way to get an estimate on the value of our home than now. And with the help of a realtor in Martin County, you can be sure you will get an honest answer. Are you ready to sell, buy, or just have questions? Contact the realty expert at Olde Florida Realty today and get a quote!


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