As the homebuying season peaks in late spring, it coincides with the desire to travel during summer. Balancing these two activities can be challenging, especially in a competitive market. Here are strategies to help you navigate homebuying while still enjoying your summer getaway.

Prioritize Your Activities

First, assess your priorities. In a hot market, quick action is crucial when a great listing appears. If you have essential travel plans, like a wedding or a work conference, evaluate if you can reschedule less critical trips. Consider how you’d feel missing out on the perfect house while away.

Use a Trusted Proxy

Engage a reliable real estate agent, friend, or family member to act on your behalf. Digital tools like virtual walk-throughs and listing videos are helpful, but having someone physically present offers invaluable insights. They can conduct real-time video calls during walk-throughs, capturing details that photos might miss.

Stay Connected

To avoid missing critical updates, stay reachable even while traveling. Purchase Wi-Fi for flights or cruises and carry a portable charger for camping trips. Inform your real estate and mortgage teams about your travel schedule so they can contact you efficiently. This is particularly vital if your loan is in underwriting or you’re approaching the closing phase.

Manage Your Finances Wisely

Maintain a strict travel budget to prevent depleting funds needed for your home purchase. Avoid large, unexpected expenditures or opening new credit lines during this period, as these can affect your credit score and loan approval.

Enjoy Both Worlds

Balancing homebuying with summer travel requires planning and staying connected. By prioritizing tasks and using digital tools, you can enjoy your vacation without compromising your home search.