Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has greenlit $200 million to extend the My Safe Florida Home grant program, a move set to benefit around 20,000 low- and moderate-income residents primarily. This funding injection marks a significant expansion of the program, which aims to help homeowners fortify their properties against potential damage, subsequently reducing property insurance costs.

During a ceremony at the Redington Shores Town Hall, DeSantis signed two bills tied to the My Safe Florida Home initiative, emphasizing the program’s popularity and effectiveness. Notably, he plans to back an additional $30 million in the state budget to extend the program’s coverage to condominiums, a move long sought-after by Florida Realtors.

The My Safe Florida Home program offers inspections and grants of up to $10,000 to assist homeowners in upgrading their residences, thereby qualifying for property insurance discounts. Originally created in 2006 following the devastation of hurricane seasons, the program has seen intermittent funding over the years, with the latest allocation prior to this being in 2022.

The recent bills signed by DeSantis set forth new guidelines for the distribution of the $200 million funding, prioritizing applications from low-income individuals aged 60 and older. Additionally, condominium associations will now be eligible for inspections and grants under the revised legislation.

This move comes as Florida gears up for another hurricane season, with Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis stressing the urgent need for preparedness. The legislation also includes provisions to prevent the creation of waiting lists once the funding is exhausted, unless expressly authorized by the Legislature.