As cyberattacks rise, safeguarding your finances becomes paramount, especially in real estate transactions.

Recent cyber breaches at major mortgage lenders like Mr. Cooper and LoanDepot, along with attacks on title insurance companies, underline the urgency for consumer protection.

To fortify your defenses and recognize potential scams, consider these essential steps:

  • Credit Freeze and Monitoring: Initiate a credit freeze to prevent unauthorized account openings. Monitor your credit regularly for any suspicious activity.
  • Response to Data Breaches: Act promptly upon receiving notification of a data breach. Utilize free credit monitoring services and consider additional protection measures offered.
  • Impact on Mortgage Payments: Stay informed during cyber incidents that may affect mortgage servicing. Follow official channels for updates and alternate payment methods.
  • Vigilance Against Scams: Exercise caution with emails and calls related to mortgage transactions. Verify sender details and be wary of urgent requests, especially regarding wire transfers.
  • Enhancing Personal Security: Strengthen your digital defenses with strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and regular software updates. Remain vigilant against phishing attempts.

By prioritizing these measures, individuals can bolster their security posture and mitigate risks associated with cyber threats in the real estate sector.